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Natai Beach Resort & Spa


The serene beach stretches sleepily for endless, quiet miles – waking in periodic bursts to accept the warm waters of the Andaman Sea sprinkling and decorating its shore. This soporific shoreline seems endless, and arcs gently, accepting a few bare footprints on sinfully sunny days.

Tranquil and undisturbed. Observe a fisherman in the morning, working his simple, lengthy nets as they extend into the quiet ocean; children, during the day, digging innocently in a sea-froth sand pile with their shovels and tiny buckets; random couples holding hands on the Western shore at twilight, adoring the silent, setting sun seeking sinking evening solace beneath the horizon. It is a wonder: the privacy, solitude, contentment and holistic impact on those who dwell for days, or weeks – or a lifetime – upon its peaceful beaches and in its soothing waters. Or soaking contentedly in the local, natural hot springs. Natai is infused with an abundance of enchanting sea-faring fish-stories. It is suffused with imagination and farming folklore: rice paddies, vegetable gardens, coconut trees, rubber plantations, tin mines. This fertile, tourist-friendly, gentle region (a mere 25-minute, open-highway drive from the Phuket airport) has become a new luxury beach alternative for Phuket travelers.

Natai has emerged as the new beach destination of southern Thailand.

Natai Beach Resort & Spa

Situated on the fine golden sands of Natai Beach, Natai Beach Resort & Spa is an exquisite, 106-room resort. A 25-minute drive from Phuket airport, the resort is based on local heritage and traditional Thai culture. It is a perfect vacation haven created to provide comfort and relaxation, an ideal place for families and honeymooners.


Why choose Natai?

Natai means “southernmost rice field”, simply because it was historically one of the regions in the southern mainland of Thailand which was suitable for rice cultivation. 

Local lore contends that 200-300 years ago a great warrior from Surat Thani, Thyum Yum-Tung, on the back of a giant, wondrous elephant, marched his people into what is now Phang Na, and established its first settlement on the edge of the mountains and extending into the fertile belly of the Andaman Sea.

He called it Had-Hag/Pagnam or simply “a place where the flowing mountain waters meets the sea.”

Regarded as the almighty, this warrior was worshipped – and his elephant glorified. They protected and guarded the entire village and its farms. 

Alas, the elephant – living many lifetimes – perished, and this enormous mammoth morphed into a mountain 30 kilometers from Natai. The mountain is adorned by a temple, which was the warrior’s house, and it has existed ever since.

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